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Total: 75






Accounting System

Technology Experience


Accounting Manager 5938

Accounting Manager, Private, $0-100M, $501M+, GovCon, Software/SaaS, Costpoint/Deltek, Sage, AP, AR, Payroll, Reconciliations

Accounting Manager 5958

Accounting Manager, CPA, Private, $0-100M, $501M+, Real Estate, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Financial Analysis, Financial Reporting, Reconciliations

Accounting Manager 5973

Accounting Manager, Private, $0-100M, Manufacturing, PeopleSoft, SAP, Concur, AP, Process Improvement

Accounting Manager 5987

Accounting Manager, Private, $0-100M, Construction, Healthcare, Information Technology, Software/SaaS, Dynamics, Great Plains, QuickBooks, Cost Accounting, Financial Reporting, Grant Accounting, Reconciliations

Accounting Manager 5999

Accounting Manager, Private, $0-100M, Biotechnology, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Healthcare, Great Plains, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, QuickBooks, Sage, Navision, AP, AR, Cash to Accrual, Close Cycle, Financial Reporting, Fixed Assets, General Ledger/Journal Entries, Payroll

Accounting Manager 6000

Accounting Manager, CPA, $0-100M, GovCon, Healthcare, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Workday, Excel Power User, Close Cycle, Reconciliations, Revenue Recognition

CFO 5931

CFO, CPA, $0-100M, $501M+, GovCon, Non-Profit, Cost Accounting, ERP Implementation, Internal Control Testing, M/A, Revenue Recognition, SEC Reporting

CFO 5949

CFO, CPA, $0-100M, $501M+, Oil & Energy, Real Estate, ERP Implementation, Financial Planning, M/A

CFO 5951

CFO, Financial Consultant, $0-100M, $501M+, Construction, GovCon, Manufacturing, Software/SaaS, Private Equity/Venture Capital, Costpoint/Deltek, Dynamics, UnaNet, Cost Accounting, ERP Implementation, M/A, Startups

CFO 5956

CFO, CPA, $0-100M, $501M+, Engineering, GovCon, Healthcare, Costpoint/Deltek, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Internal Audit, M/A, Revenue Recognition, SEC Reporting, SOX

CFO 5957

CFO, CPA, $0-100M, $501M+, Information Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Oracle, SAP, Financial Modeling, Internal Audit, M/A, Operations, Restructuring, Risk Management, Startups

CFO 5971

CFO, CPA, Private, $0-100M, $501M+, Financial Services, Financial Reporting, Internal Control Testing, M/A, Valuation